3D Realistic Flag Screen Saver

3D Realistic Flag Screen Saver 2.31

It enhances your desktop screen by bringing you a waving 3D flag

The 3D Realistic Flag Screen Saver will bring the flag of any country to your desktop.
This beautiful screen saver will display the flag of any country that you choose.
But it is not the usual static-flag-on-the-screen.
The wind makes it fly and wave gracefully, showing all its colors and symbols.

What most patriotic way is there to show everybody around you that you are proud to be American, or Italian, or Australian, or almost from any country you can think of.

The screen saver has many configurable options.
It can show the flag at normal distance, or in a close-up that fills the entire screen.
The wind can be adjusted from a nice breeze to a pretty strong wind.
There are three different backgrounds to suit your needs: sky, mountains and sunset.
You can set several flags to be displayed in a slideshow, establishing the time you want them to be shown.

The 3D Realistic Flag Screen Saver includes the sound of the wind.
This is so realistic that you can almost feel the wind on your face.

This is a screen saver that will surely remind you of who you are and where you are from; as well as what you are proud of.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very nice graphics
  • Very good sound


  • It can be boring after a while
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